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Winter skincare fixes

Winter Skincare Edit: My Ultimate Skin-Saving Picks

Thanks to wild temperature swings, the bomb cyclone, and my crazy radiator, this winter has been brutal to my skin. In fact, for two+ weeks, my face was under siege, plagued with dryness/flakiness, dullness, general irritation/redness, severely chapped lips, a random hormonal breakout (that one really ticked me off – like seriously?!), the hyperpigmentation that followed said breakout (ugh!), and pretty much any other winter skincare issue out there. Fortunately, I found some new products (new for me, at least) that have worked miracles, and my skin is finally getting back to its regular ol’ self. As a bonus, these skin savers not only fix seasonal problems but nearly all of them fight signs of aging and boost inner glow too. (Happy dance time!)

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