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Switch Up Your Cover-Up

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With summer in full swing, we are all sporting our cutest beach cover-ups right about now. If you are anything like me, you have quite a few fun options in cotton, probably adorned in ruffles, embellished with eyelet detailing or both. Not to mention an assortment of rompers and linen tunics to mix things up a bit. And don’t get me wrong – I love these as much as the next girl. In fact, I will be doing a round up of my favorite cover-ups in these exact styles later this month. Today, however, I want to talk about a fabric that doesn’t get nearly as much love as its cotton and linen counterparts. I am talking about slinky, luxurious silk.


Silk Kimono - Bathing Suit Cover-up - Beach_

Dear Bowie Beach Cover-Up - Silk_

When you think of beachy attire, silk probably doesn’t spring to mind, but it should. Even when you are fully covered up (as I am here), you can’t help but feel a tad bit sexy wrapped up in this fabric. And who doesn’t want a little confidence boost during bathing suit season? Plus, the slightest bit of wind sends cascades of silk swirling around you. Again, I ask you – who doesn’t want that?!

Dear Bowie Beach Cover-Up - Silk Kimono

Here, I am wearing a blue silk kimono with a print that, to me, looks like palm fronds or coral. (Art is interpretive, right?) It may be designed for the bedroom, but this “robe” makes a seriously stellar cover-up. Depending on how you tie it, this piece will take you from lunch to the beach and straight on to drinks on the terrace. (Trust me, I’ve done it plenty of times to a chorus of compliments. Just add a little color to your cheeks and lips, slide on kitten-heeled sandals and no one will suspect that you came straight from the sand. Sneaky, sneaky!) This versatility makes it ones of my favorite pieces for holiday packing.

Blue Silk Robe - Beach - Cover-up - Dear Bowie _

Besides, even if I am just hitting my go-to beach, I love a silk option like this one because a) it’s insanely convenient, b) it feels amazing on my skin and gives my shoulders some extra protection from the sun and c) it stands out in a sea of off-the-shoulder ruffle dresses. (I’m not knocking them – I love them too! – but sometimes you just want to change things up a bit.)

Silk Kimono - Beach - Dear Bowie

Plus, contrary to popular belief, silk is a super durable fabric that travels amazingly well. (If it becomes wrinkled, just hang it up and leave it alone for a few hours. Go have a leisurely lunch. If there is even a drop of humidity in the air, any wrinkles will magically work themselves out by the time you return. No steam required.) And you know that other myth that says silk can’t get wet? Totally bogus, so enjoy the salty sea spray or a refreshing splash by the pool. It can take it. (To wash, just plop it in the sink with some suds when you wash your bathing suits. Dry cleaning is totally unnecessary.)

Silk Beach Cover-up - Blue

Silk Beach Cover-up

Silk Robe - Beach Cover-up _

When I want to feel my best, I reach for a silk cover-up nearly every time. And when I am on vacation, there isn’t even a question as to which I prefer. I mean, is there anything better than being wrapped up in luxe, slinky, gorgeous silk all day? I think not!

Silk Cover-up - Beach - Dear Bowie

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xo, Eva

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