The Charlie Bird - Eva Krystoff - AboutThe Charlie Bird celebrates classic style with a preppy twist. Whether it be through fashion, beauty or lifestyle,  I hope The Charlie Bird inspires you to add a bit of lovely to your day!

About Me

I introduced The Charlie Bird in 2017 to chronicle my life on the Upper West Side of NYC, along with my adventures to the countryside and anywhere with an ocean breeze! My style is generally classic and timeless.  For me, simplicity is key. Deviations are almost always met with disaster, e.g. no matter how hard I try, boho-chic just isn’t my aesthetic, something I have (almost) accepted. As a makeup minimalist, I also share my love of obsession with skincare, highlighting my picks of the moment in the Beauty section.

The Charlie Bird - Eva KrystoffThe Charlie Bird is dedicated to its namesake, my beloved dog Charlie (a.k.a. Bird, Charlie Bird, and sometimes “Charlie No!”). He is almost always in tow on my adventures throughout the city, coast and country.

I look forward to sharing more as The Charlie Bird evolves and grows. I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to reach out anytime here!

xo, Eva

Classic style by way of city coast & country.